6th November 2013

Vintage Values – now available from Five&Dime Dame St, Dublin!

We’re delighted to announce that our prints and postcards can now be bought from Five&Dime on Dame St. They only just opened their doors and sell an amazing collection of gifts and design products. Bring all your pocket money when you visit as you’ll want to buy all their stock!


31st October 2013

And…they are numbered. Our Leaving Cert was the last time we used our writing hands for so long! Now all the prints need to be sent back to the printer to be rolled and packed away into tubes. We should have stock to sell by Friday.


30th October 2013

The exhibition is in place down at the Print Museum ahead of schedule. We’re not due to ‘open’ until Monday 4th but everything is in place and ready to go. So if you want a sneak peak at Vintage Values head down this weekend before the crowds!


29th October 2013

The prints have arrived!! These are the high quality prints that will be for sale. Each litho printed on 250gm paper and they look outstanding. But now the long task of hand numbering them.

First Prints

24th of October 2013

Framing is complete and they look amazing. Can’t wait to see what they all look like up in the Print Museum. We’re a bit ahead of schedule so looks like we’ll have the exhibition in place a few days before it opens.


Ready to hang

23rd of October 2013

The frames and first prints have arrived for the exhibition. 34 in total. All frames need to be prepped and cleaned. Then the framing can begin.

First Frame

3rd of October 2013

Where it all began. All the scanning has been completed and work is underway to get them all off to print. Here’s a sneak peak at the original pamphlets. These will also go on display at the exhibition next month.