• Image of Vintage Values - Classic Pamphlet Cover Design from 20th Century Ireland

This selection of cover art from the Veritas archive of Catholic Truth Society (CTS) pamphlets is nothing short of a revelation.
Niall McCormack, Vintage Irish Book Covers

This beautiful gift book showcases over one hundred high-quality pamphlet covers from the archives of the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland. The collection unearths striking designs and illustrations by some of Ireland’s most inventive commercial artists from the 1920s to the 1960s, and offers a unique insight into Irish culture in the middle years of the twentieth century.

Featuring works by artists such as George Altendorf, Karl Uhlemann and George Monks, this 128 page book is packed with eye-popping design.

Titles featured include Don’t Marry a Catholic!, Shall I Be a Nun?, Shall I Start to Drink?, Sister Felicitas Wins a Bicycle and many more.


Many of the illustrated covers in this collection have a distinctly modern style, with some covers so arresting they could double as film posters of the era.

- Irish Times, November 16

The booklet covers were striking, provocative, even faintly titillating. They were designed to be "modern", to catch the attention of the young faithful, promising to answer their questions about sexuality, spirituality and life in general.

- Irish Independent, November 16

This collection of kitsch covers from self-help pamphlets published by the Catholic Church in the mid-twentieth century is a remarkable document for designers and those with an interest in social history.

- Metro Herald, Christmas Gift Guide 2013